Are You Hitting the Road This Holiday?

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May 28, 2010
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May 28, 2010

The AAA is expecting to see an 8.3 percent increase of drivers on the road this Memorial Day weekend which would be the first increase in travel since 2005.

Are you ready to hit the road?  Are you not going to let cloudy and possibly rainy weather stand in your way?  Well if so, then you can join the ranks of people that will be flocking to state parks this weekend for the Memorial Holiday.  According to this article, AAA expects to see an 8.3 percent increase in travelers on our roadways across Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii.

Over the last two years, drivers have been discouraged to travel over major holiday weekends due to the $4-per-gallon average cost of gas at the time.  The high cost of gas paired with the struggling economy prompted most people to choose to stay home.  Currently, the average price-per-gallon in Washington state stands at $2.962.  If AAA’s predictions about this year’s numbers are correct, then it would be the first tourism increase over Memorial Day since 2005.  Many of Oregon’s state parks are already booked up for the weekend.  According to this article, travel by airplane is also expected to rise between 4 and 6 percent.

If you’ll be hitting the road this weekend, keep in mind that drunk driving accidents are also expected to be on the rise.  Washington State Patrol will attempt to mitigate the rate of drunk driving accidents by ramping up their patrols as well.  As a Tacoma personal injury lawyer, it’s my job to warn you to stay safe on the roads this weekend.  Put down your cell phones, buckle up, and never drink and drive.

-Kirk Bernard

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