Are Smart Phones Making Safer Drivers?

More and more states are making “texting while driving” and “talking on a cell phone while driving” illegal in the hopes that it will help make our roadways safer and reduce the amount of car accidents. With technology as user friendly and readily available the real question is, “Are smart phones making it easier for us to be distracted?”

There’s no doubt that these phones put everything in the palm of your hand. You can make reservations to that new restaurant across town, check your email, change your status on FaceBook, tweet your latest adventure (keep it to 140 characters mind you), and get directions for your next road trip. This is a definite benefit, but it also allows people a myriad of things to do when they should be paying attention to the road.

Up pop a few cool smart phone applications that help the driver focus on what’s important, the driving. The first is called “DriveSafe.ly” and it will actually read your emails/text messages to you so you don’t have to read them yourself. You can also set it to send a quick “canned” message back so they know you’re on the road that that you’ll get back to them when you are not driving.Another app called “Text’nDrive” also reads your emails and texts as they come in to your phone.

As a Seattle car accident attorney I feel these apps can be of great use when it comes to reducing the usage of smart phone while behind the wheel. However, I’m reminded of a time when none of us had a cell phone and we were able to drive without talking or texting with ease. I suggest that you try pledging for a week to not use your phone while driving and I think you’ll do just fine.