Animals Crossing the Road Harder to Be Seen at Night

According to many news sources, there have been reports of more dead animals on the road than usual. The Washington State Patrol reports that an exact number of animals found dead is hard to come about but since that can be a hazard for drivers, some Tacoma locals are allegedly worried.

The Washington State Patrol says that only incidents related to dead animals are reported. According to a spokesman for the Highway authorities, there were over 120 reports of cars striking animals this year in Pierce and Thurston counties alone.  The WSP also announced that 44 accidents out of all those reports happened on Interstate 5 and 49 on state highways. Country roads have seen the reports of 35 accidents related to animals.

This time of the year is knows for seeing more killed animals on the road, according to the news. Caution while driving, especially at night should prevent the great number of incidents. Wildlife is very active during the early morning and late night hours.

As a Seattle personal injury attorney I urge all drivers to be aware of the risks of driving during those times. I sincerely hope that nobody was injured in any of the cases reported by the WSP. Be always aware of the road in front of you and of wild animals attempting to cross while you’re passing by. personal injury lawyers are familiar with various cases related to this type of accident and advise all to be very mindful of the many dangers the roads present.