Alleged Drunken Driver Collides with School Bus, Kids OK

According to the Washington State Patrol and several local news sources, there has been a crash involving a vehicle and a school bus just north of Colville. According to reports, the collision unfortunately occurred because of a drunken driver.

News outlets have claimed that the kids who were passengers in the bus at the time of the accident were not injured in any way. The Washington State Patrol is still investigating what caused the accident but the authorities still sustain that the motorist of the crashed vehicle was driving under the influence. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries but no other details were disclosed.

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer I believe that the safety of our kids should be a priority, because of that I try to always keep the readers posted on what is going on in the news when it comes to accidents involving children and their safety.

Many personal injury lawyers will assure you that accidents involving children are more common than they should be. For any case of involvement in car accident that is not in any way the victim’s fault and that might have put the life of a child in danger, do not delay and contact a lawyer as soon as possible.