Air Bag Problem Prompts Nissan Recall

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As the number of recalls continues to shoot up, drivers across the country are urged to make sure they are not ignoring the campaigns that impact them.

The latest reports concerning auto recalls associated with air bag issues affect thousands of Nissan vehicles. But in spite of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s insistence in pushing automakers to issue nationwide recalls over the Takata air bag issue, certain carmakers continue to issue regional campaigns.

The issue associated with the air bags produced by Takata has impacted cars manufactured by most of the major automakers in the country and abroad. The air bags come with inflators made of metal that may explode while in use. As a result, deploying air bags may cause car occupants to experience serious injuries. Prior to the major recalls, at least five reports of deadly incidents involving the Takata air bags were reported. Many companies issued regional recalls to address the issue while few others recalled their vehicles nationwide to avoid the problem.

Currently, many companies are still waiting for parts from Takata to have the issue addressed.

Nissan Recall Associated With Air Bag Issue

The latest recall associated with the same air bag inflator issue impacts the Nissan Sentra vehicles manufactured between January 2, 2006 and August 26, 2006. The vehicles were fitted with air bags that come with inflators that may explode mid deployment. Since that issue may cause consumers to be exposed to personal injury risks, the recall was issued promptly, but it does not impact vehicles sold nationwide. Only cars sold and registered in states with high absolute humidity have been recalled.

The company hasn’t indicated when it will be contacting all impacted vehicle owners. Until then, if you have one of the recalled vehicles and you’re curious to learn more about the campaign, contact Nissan.

The link to the official recall announcement can be found here.

Whenever your car is impacted by an auto recall associated with issues that could expose you to personal injuries, make sure to have the vehicle repaired as soon as possible. Most auto recalls take a long time to be effective.

Many of the vehicles recalled by major automakers last year are still roaming the roads with open recalls. Consumers looking into purchasing used cars should make sure they check the vehicles for open recalls before making a deal. Used car dealers are not required to fix their vehicles before selling them. Avoiding purchasing cars with open safety recalls could save your life.



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