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After Fiery Incidents, Samsung Will Disable Galaxy Note7 Phones

Samsung has been under fire for quite some time after its Galaxy Note7 phones were tied to fiery incidents.

As a response, consumers with the phones were asked to avoid incidents by having their phones returned immediately. Despite the recall and the incidents associated with the devices, many still haven’t returned their phone in the United States and in Europe.

In order to prevent potential risks associated with the overheating risk, the company has just launched an announcement claiming a new update will address the issue directly. According to Samsung, on December 19th, an update will turn the device inoperable unless it’s attached to a power charger.

The company’s decision contrasts with the decision announced by Verizon.

According to the phone service provider, Galaxy Note7 users whose service is provided by Verizon won’t have their phones’ system updated in December. Noting that during the holiday season consumers must stay in touch with loved ones or might have to use emergency services, the company forewent the update provided by Samsung.

In Europe, Samsung will allow the Note7 items to be charged up to 30 percent. The company is also pushing he remaining consumers who still haven’t returned the recalled phones to do so promptly.

As personal injury attorneys, we urge consumers to avoid ignoring this or any other recall that impacts a product you use regularly. Consumers who are not quick to act on these recalls upon learning about them are more likely to be exposed to serious risks.

In this case, Samsung has the duty of making sure its customers are safe. But consumers must also take responsibility for their safety and the safety of their loved ones.

Seattle, Washington phone users who have been impacted may learn more about Samsung and its decision to render the Galaxy Note7 useless in America by following this link.

Whether your phone or vehicle has been recalled, have the defective product repaired or returned as soon as possible.

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