After Braking Issues Undisclosed, 2012 Cadillac CTS are Recalled

News articles along with reports have confirmed that General Motors Co. has issued a recall for 2012 Cadillac CTS models due to faulty or unreliable parts that might pose a threat for drivers. The malfunctioning prevents the vehicle from braking properly.

After investigations from inspectors, it was brought to light that the power vacuum brake boost pushrod retention nut wasn’t properly installed in the engine of the in the vehicles. Lack of proper vehicle maintenance  results in severe accidents every year. If the recalled vehicle leaves drivers without a proper brake system, the accidents could be devastating.

News sources state that there were no reports of injuries or severe accidents related to the Cadillac CTS mechanical misfortune. According to the official announcement from GM, owners and dealers have already received word from the manufacturer on Nov. 1st regarding the recall.

Until all vehicles can be inspected and fixed properly, they’re also banned from being sold.

As a Federal Way personal injury lawyer, I hope that the owners of the 2012 Cadillac CTS vehicles will be treated with respect and that their cars will be fixed promptly. Product defect lawyers can always be of great assistance when doubts related to an injury resulted from a malfunctioning product has desolated loved one. Don’t hesitate in contacting an attorney in your area.

– Kirk Bernard.