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Horrific Accident Linked To Recalled Vehicle Reminds Us Recalls Must Be Taken Seriously

A horrific tragedy that happened in another state has reminded us here in Washington about the importance of not ignoring recall announcements.

The accident involving a young father and his toddler has shocked the country. And that’s because his vehicle had been recalled. Unfortunately, the issue proved itself deadly.

The vehicle in question was a 2008 Pontiac G6. According to the news reports covering this horrific accident, the vehicle had a circuit problem that could allow the gear shift to shift out of the park position. The recall notice came in 2014 and yet, the vehicle was never fixed.

The driver had pulled into a parking spot at a local apartment building when he put his vehicle in park. As he left the car running, his 3-year-old got out of the car, only to be told to get inside again.

Next thing he knows, the vehicle is inside of an icy pond.

The driver ran and jumped into the water, saving his daughter by giving her to a bystander. Unfortunately, he went under. And while he was later pulled out of the pond, he later died at the hospital.

This tragedy reminds us that about a third of recalled vehicles in the United States are never repaired. As a result, these vehicles that may fail and put the lives of its drivers and passengers at risk continue to roam the roads across the country. As such, people like this driver end up becoming victims.

We are incredibly saddened that this terrible accident took place. Our thoughts are with the victim’s family. We hope that, if anything, this crash helps drivers to avoid ignoring auto recalls in the future.

If you own a car and it’s been recalled, do not let it put your life in danger.

Continue visiting our blog to read more about open recalls and go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website at to stay on top of other recalls you may have missed.

Click here for more details on this tragic accident.

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