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Man Killed After Leaving Car Following Non-Injured Accident

All too often, serious accidents caused by distracted drivers end up resulting in deaths and injuries. In other cases, accidents that do not produce any injuries end up resulting in further collisions that end up leading to injuries, some that may be serious. For that reason, drivers are often reminded to never exit their vehicle if they are forced to pull over in the freeway or another similarly busy road.

The latest accident to have been reported by the Washington State Patrol happened after a driver was caught in a non-injury collision.

According to WSP officials who responded to the scene, a 52-year-old had been standing in Highway 3 after being involved in a collision when he suddenly collapsed. After the unexpected occurrence, a passing car ended up striking the man, which killed him.

The WSP has reported that the driver involved in the deadly accident was not cited. At the moment, the accident is under investigation.

We are terribly sorry that this horrific accident took place. We hope the victim’s family and friends are obtaining the support and attention they require in this time of pain and grief.

The loss of a loved one in such a violent, sudden way is a difficult thing to deal with, we have seen firsthand.

While it’s still early to know why this horrific and deadly accident happened, and whether something could have been done to prevent it, we are confident that the WSP will investigate further and will eventually have the answers. Until then, we urge all drivers to avoid leaving their cars if they are involved in minor incidents on busy roads.

Too often, leaving the vehicle means that you’re vulnerable as other cars may crash into you or your stopped vehicle, pushing it against you. Staying inside if there’s no imminent danger in doing so is the best course of action. Contact law enforcement and emergency crews from the car when involved in a crash and wait until they arrive before you leave the vehicle. Leaving before help arrives may lead to negative consequences.

For more on this accident or to stay on top of what officials discover, follow this link.

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