9 Major Recalls in 2010

As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I always try to keep an eye out for food or product recalls that could injure consumers, so I can warn them about potential dangers. This news report lists nine major recalls in 2010:

1.       Epogen and Procrit: Johnson & Johnson recalled the anemia drugs in September because the medicine may have contained thin glass flakes that could injure patients if ingested.

2.       Eggs: A nationwide recall in August was connected to nearly 1,953 salmonella-related illnesses in 23 states. The outbreak was connected to two Iowa egg companies. View story here: Seattle foodborne illness attorney.

3.       Deli Sandwiches: Wal-Mart recalled its Marketside Grab and Go deli sandwiches because of the possibility of Listeria monocytogenes contamination, which can cause dizziness and muscle and abdominal discomfort.

4.       Pet Food: Procter & Gamble recalled its dry pet food in the summer because of Salmonella concerns. No illnesses were reported.

5.       Coffee Makers: Wal-Mart recalled General Electric coffee makers from its shelves in the spring, due to a fire hazard. The coffee makers were sold from March 2008 through Jan. 2010.

6.       Tricycles: Fisher-Price recalled millions of tricycles because the bikes had pretend keys in the that could seriously injury children.

7.        Drop-Side Cribs: Various drop-side cribs were recalled in 2010, leading to the ban on the cribs in the U.S. beginning in June. View story here:  Seattle personal injury lawyer.

8.       Strollers: Two million Graco Children’s Products’ strollers were recalled in the fall due to risk of strangulation and entrapment.

9.       Blinds: In the winter of 2010, Lowe’s recalled nearly 6 million Roman shades and about 5 million roll-up blinds due to risks of strangulation. View story here: Seattle personal injury lawyer.