7 Injured in 2 Car Collision in Wauna Mill

On Tuesday afternoon there was a two car accident on Highway 30 just west of Wauna Mill. According to the Oregon State Police seven people were injured in the accident.

A teenage boy, from Kelso, Washington, was driving a ’97 Buick LeSabre heading westbound when he crossed the solid double yellow line. (It’s not known why he crossed the center line.) As he crossed the center line he struck the right front section of an ’02 Chevrolet Avalanche driven by a women from Vancouver, Washington.

The aftermath was pretty intense, but everyone escaped with non-life threatening injuries. This could be because everyone involved in the accident was wearing safety restraints and the children were in child safety seats. I just can’t stress enough how important it is to wear your safety belt and to make sure your children are in their safety seats. You also need to make sure that the safety seat is installed correctly.

As a Seattle car accident lawyer I’ve helped clients that have been in similar situations and it’s a very good thing that everyone was wearing their safety restraints. The injuries could have been much more severe and it’s a good thing they weren’t. I should also mention that it’s a good idea to double check the child safety seats after an accident to make sure there are no cracks or wear and tear.