2010 Motorcycle Crash was Accident, Investigation Shows

A long-going investigation into a fatal motorcycle  accident that killed a Stanwood man in May has finally been wrapped up, according to news reports.

The investigation looked into the fatal accident involving a 51-year-old man who was heading north on Interstate 5 on his motorcycle in the left lane when a construction truck allegedly pulled out from the shoulder of the road and in front of his bike.

The May 19 accident killed the motorcyclist and backed up traffic on the freeway more than 15 miles, according to the Washington State Patrol.

According to Washington State Patrol investigators and prosecutors, no criminal charges are expected in the case. The 46-yeatr-old truck driver, however, has been cited for second-degree negligent driving, which comes with a $550 fine.

“The truck likely entered the freeway at about 10 to 12 mph,” investigators said. “The driver was accelerating but probably going no faster than 25 mph when the crash happened.”

Investigators looked at factors including road and weather conditions, and drugs and alcohol.

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I remember heading about this tragic accident. My condolences go out to the friends and families of the motorcyclist. I’m glad to hear that this tragic incident was just an accident and no factors like alcohol or distracted driving was involved.

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