The DePuy Hip Hurts Patients

What is the DePuy ASR Hip Recall?
October 22, 2010
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October 22, 2010

The DePuy recall was more than an annoyance, it caused pain and suffering among thousands of patients when the metal-on-metal device wore out.

The DePuy ASR hip implant was recalled worldwide because of early failure rates of the device, but how did the broken device actually harm patients?

As a Depuy ASR hip implant lawyer, I can tell you the devices caused a lot of harm to its patients. Not only was the DePuy device supposed give patients pain-free mobility and abilities to preform daily tasks, many patients used DePuy’s implant as their first device that was supposed to last recipients 15-25 years.

Unfortunately, for many, DePuy’s device didn’t last nearly as long. Since 2008, the FDA has received nearly 400 complaints of early failure rates, giving it an average 12-13% failure rate in the first five years over the industry standard of 5%. There were approximately 93,000 ASR XL hips implanted in patients around the world.

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer and dealing with patients who received a recalled hip implant I can only imagine the pain and suffering they’ve encountered by getting this device implanted.

The metal-on-metal DePuy implant can prematurely wear out and the artificial joint can become detached from the bone, becoming misaligned and possibly introducing metal debris within patients’ bloodstream.

Orthopedic specialists who have examined the ASR cup believe the fault lies in its shallow design, which not only makes it more difficult to position at the correct angle, but encourages the greater wear and abrasion.

Because of DePuy’s faulty design, many patients are left with no choice but to face a second, more complicated surgery with higher failure rates and longer recovery periods. If you or a loved one has experienced negative results or pain from a DePuy hip prosthesis, contact a Seattle personal injury lawyer.

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