Residents Raise Money To Help Child Victim Of Dog Attack

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Dog bite incidents can sometimes impact us when we least expect and that’s mostly because attacks may involve dogs we are familiar with. In many of these cases, these incidents may also involve children.

The latest dog bite incident to make the news nationwide involved a 10-year-old who was seriously injured after a dog attack earlier this month. While the incident didn’t take place in Washington, it happened in Portland, where the child was rushed to the hospital to have her injuries treated.

The incident took place when the girl, who was playing with four mastiffs in the owner’s yard, was mauled aggressively by one or more of the dogs. The reason for the attack was not revealed, perhaps because officials aren’t aware. Promptly after the attack, the girl was transported immediately to the hospital. She suffered major injuries to her head and torso.

After this tragedy, the girl required 40 units of blood due to the serious open wound she sustained.

Due to the expenses involving her treatment, locals have come together to help the young victim, raising more than $15,000 to help cover the expenses.

It’s absolutely tragic that children like this young girl are exposed to these risks. We hope that parents and pet owners understand that pets are important members of a household, but if they aren’t properly trained and well-socialized, they might not be in a good shape to be exposed to other animals or even other humans.

Pet owners should learn the signs that indicate that pets are becoming irritated or aggressive. This will help to avoid similar incidents as it will ensure that pets are taken elsewhere if they are demonstrating signs they may be ready to attack.

For more on this tragic incident and how locals are helping the family, follow this link.

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