Distracted Driving Death Prompts Father To Fight For Change

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Distracted driving remains a serious problem. Not only in our state of Washington, but also across the country. In order to help young and inexperienced drivers, many use their own personal and tragic experiences to teach others about the risks associated with distracted driving.

Recently, we learned about a man whose young daughter died due to a distracted driver. And because of this accident, the dad is now traveling across the country to teach others about the dangers associated with distracted driving, urging others to stay aware and focused.

According to several news reports, the driver involved in the accident that claimed his daughter’s life happened in 2009. It was broad day light, the father tells reporters, when the child was crossing the street at a crosswalk. A 58-year-old man was driving while handling his GPS when he failed to stop at the stop sign. As a result, he hit the child, who died as a result.

The father says he’s tired of seeing the faces of mothers who lost their children to similar accidents. Due to the terrible and tragic accident that killed his daughter, the man decided to dedicate his life to safety. And now, he travels across the country talking to students and parents across the nation about the dangers associated with distracted driving.

During his talks, parents and others who have lost loved ones to distracted driving give the man wristbands, representing these tragic deaths. To the father, this move saddens him because he does not want to see any more of these deaths taking place. Nevertheless, he still think there’s reason to be optimistic. After all, people are slowly learning about the risks associated with distracted driving. But not enough people know what the consequences look like. So instead of shying away from discussing these matters with others, help drivers by teaching them about the risks associated with distracted driving. They will thank you later.

For more on how this father is turning everything around, helping parents and teens to avoid distracted driving, follow this link for more details.

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